Starting a blog

So i have been thinking about starting a blog the past almost 10 years. Now it is finally happening. My excuse for not starting a blog was that i did not have the time to do it. Which i have been thinking about the last year is a pretty bad excuse. The real excuse is that i am too insecure about my writing capabilities and that i have something interesting to write about. But the more i have been participating in open source communities it became clear to me that it does not necessarily be perfect would i bring to the table. And that we all have some knowledge which others can use. So here we are and i am writing my first post.

I am a software engineer and i thought the content should probably be software related. But in my spare time i use a lot of time on a lot of other favorite topics of mine. So i will just create this blog and use it as a personal blog where i put all my personal thoughts in. Does not matter if it is software or not.

For the first couple of months i will try to write blog posts on interesting things i stumble upon. Write my take on them and what the possibilities are and so on. I have nothing planned so the posts will probably be short but hopefully the topics will interest others so they also want to investigate that topic.

At last it is actually nice to have a blog to be able to go back and look at what i thought about something at some point in time.